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The wireless smart grid is dangerous for our survival

Imagine, in an instant the entire power grid is destroyed…. people are stuck in lifts, shopping centres, trains…

Planes lose their GPS, Hospitals lose their power (except for the emergency generators), all the banking systems are collapsed…

Sewerage doesn’t work, water treatment plants are shut down, all the shops are closed….

and that is just the start. What will life be like in the weeks and months that follow?

This is not fantasy or fear spreading. Putting our essential services on to a wireless computer system is prone to unimaginable risks

Sign this petition and urge every one you know to sign. We need this to be fast if it is to have any impact, our very future could/will be altered in a second if this is allowed to continue.


This is an Australian wide petition to cease the introduction of ALL essential services going on to a wireless smart grid.

Please click on the link below, sign and share amongst everyone you know. You can copy the link and use it in your email, facebook, twitter… anything that spreads the word.

The petition reads…

The Hon Julia Gillard MP and all levels of Parliament: Halt the implementation a wireless smart grid into our essential services

The Government of Australia is in the process of turning our electricity, water and gas supplies into wireless utilities. Anything wireless is on an open frequency, designed to be accessed remotely. The very essence of its convenience is also its greatest weakness.

Power, water and gas are essential services and their protection should be of the highest priority.

With this continued move into a wireless grid system, the Government is insisting that Australia open itself to the likely possibility of being controlled by any person or country with computer hacking expertise. This could be used to generate false bills, create explosions, corrupt our supply or cause a complete shutdown of the system.

A solar event could cripple our essential services instantly. It would cause massive damage on a scale that is unimaginable, all within an instant. To think that this could not happen is arrogant and foolish.

The Government is risking our entire way of life, as with the push of a button or a pulse from the sun, life as we know it would come to a halt with immediate and long term devastating results. This is too great a risk.

All members of Parliament are being derelict in their sworn duty of care.  Due to the vulnerability of any wireless network, the wireless adaption of Australia’s essential services should be cancelled immediately and never re-introduced in the future.

We, the people of Australia, call for an immediate halt to the implementation of essential services being made part of a wireless smart grid.

CSG is not the only problem: Mineral sands mining will destroy the Bruthen area

Now they want to allow mineral sand mining just out at Bruthen.

The pic is from Stradbroke Island, imagine that here… start protesting people, before this one slips through the net

WAKE UP CALL from electrosmog expert Olle Johansson – Karolinska Institute Sweden

Dr Olle Johansson says that CANCER may be the LEAST important effect:
Other more general effects may be far more important, such as impacts on the immune system, fertility, mental functions such as short-term memory, concentration capacity, headaches, sleep capacity, quality and length, etc.
While cancer takes many years to develop, other effects occur within minutes, hours or days. Effects may also be inter-generational – only emerging in successive generations.
The ARPANSA guidelines only look at thermal levels. Experts know that thermal problems are not the issue. It is the non-thermal effects that cause the more serious problems.

did you know…

These questions need to be answered – the latest letter sent to all members of parliament


 Questions relating to wireless smart meters

Dear Minister,

I have attached further research for your convenience and I now ask for your reply to the following questions:

  1. Have any, non-industry funded, studies been carried out to assure the safety and compatibility of wireless smart meters with medical equipment such as pacemakers and other electronic living assistance aids?
  2.  What financial assistance will be offered to those most vulnerable to the rising electricity costs that are being brought about by the installation of smart meters?
  3.  A wireless system is highly vulnerable to being instantly shut down and suffering severe damage from either a natural solar or maliciously targeted EMP event. What precautions have been put into place for the safety and security of infrastructure and personal property when this happens?
  4.  Since the use of wireless meters necessitates the erection of multiple transmission towers, what provision has been provided to compensate home owners whose valuation is decreased as a result of a tower being placed near their home?
  5.  The original plan for smart meters was to be hard-wired and to be supplied via the NBN. As this eliminated the majority of risks and concerns, please explain why this direction was not continued with?
  6.  As electro-hypersensitivity is a recognized condition that is made worse by exposure to EMF particularly in the RF wavelength that smart meters emit, what provisions have been made for those that are or become sensitive? How will their continued protection and quality of life be assured?
  7.  What environmental flora and fauna impact studies, not funded by industry, have been completed? What strategies are in place to rectify any damage that should be shown to occur?
  8.  What research, not funded by their proponents, is there to show the accuracy and reliability of smart meters for billing?
  9.  Can homes with solar panels put power back into the grid without the current type of smart meter?
  10.  How would you advise us to get a moratorium on the installation of smart meters until the above questions are answered?

Yours Sincerely


This letter is also being sent to media outlets. Feel free to send your own letters to editors, members of parliament etc. we are all in this together, so have your say.


Smart Meter Alert: LOCK YOUR METER BOX TODAY, if you haven’t already.

SMART METER ALERT. If you don’t want a smart meter LOCK your meter box immediately.

The installers are in town and you will not get a second chance to avoid installation if you do not act straight away.

You are not breaking the law by refusing to have one, the mandate applies to the installer, not us.

Please tell everyone you know.

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